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Because we're all wearing our SPF, right?

I love me some lobster -- steamed, baked, or on a tee.

Little patterns like this scream New England to me. I'm not sure how tiny animals and objects scattered willy-nilly all over a garment came to be such a preppy staple, but in the case of this t-shirt, I'm delighted.

As ever, I love it over white pants for a fun touch to a monochromatic look. White is wonderful for looking so fresh in the summertime. And it instantly suggests you have a tan, even when you don't.

This super-soft Vintage Cotton Tee from JCrew is still available should you want to wear dinner without the stains.

And it's not just for super casual days. You can pop it under a summer-weight suit, wear it with jeans, or over a sarong at the beach.

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