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Yes, EVERYONE, should get their gams out this summer

If you're anything like me, the warming onset of spring with all of its attendant beauty -- the blooms! the greens! the shedding of layers! -- strikes a small chill in your heart because it augurs....shorts season.

I remember watching an old episode of What Not To Wear and being told people over 40 shouldn't wear shorts much above the knee. So what do we get past thirty? Longs? Scoff.

As with anything else, fit is key. They are called shorts, not anatomy lessons.

Let me repeat the pull-quote: As with anything else, fit is key. They are called shorts, not anatomy lessons. Fit matters for health AND happiness reasons. On a hot day, your naughty bits need an airy home. And no one wants to constantly have to adjust (or watch someone have to constantly adjust) to prevent the dreaded crotch creep that happens when things are too tight or too short. When in waffling between two sizes, I generally opt for the larger just for the length.


Shorts, with a sartorial provenance of the casual summer day full of play, have grown up a bit. These shorts from Ann Taylor are amazing. The perfect not too short, not too long length, they can easily be dressed up with cute wedges, or more casual with flat sandals or a modern sneaker.

Another way to amp up the elegance is go monochromatic, like I did with this tank also from Ann Taylor. "They" say that monochromatic looks elongate the silhouette and make you look slimmer. I would prefer if they would do the unending pile of dishes we are generating during the stay-at-home orders right now.

What brings me joy in wearing all-white or cream is the suggestion of coolness in the summer heat. Austin is hot, dear KBEnthusiast, and I glow through everything. So any little bit helps. Regardless of the weather in your neck of the woods, these pieces will have you looking like a milk-draped glamazon.

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