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This work-a-day fabric has a storied (literally) and celebrity history

Time for a little did-you-know, KBEnthusiasts! I fell in love with these shorts for the crisp navy and blue check and the just-right inseam.*

But did you know that gingham as a pattern is about more than just it's cool summer looks? It originated as a stripe pattern in France before being imported to England and evolving into the check we recognize today.

It is inexpensive and often used like muslin for fit tests before creating a garment in a pricier print. That humble metier didn't stop Brigitte Bardot from wearing pink and white gingham for her wedding, or inspiring poetry.

Here, my go-to holiday dressing fave Old Navy supplied the shorts and the super cute tee. Those are red and blue stars on a bright white background.

The inseam on these babies is 5" which generally is a universally great length -- it gets those gams out with getting bunched up (if you know what I mean). ;)

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