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The one-piece sunny stunner everyone needs

Who doesn't love one-and-done when it's hot out and you've got places to go and people to see?

There is a reason why EVERYONE makes jumpsuits and EVERYONE needs one. They're easy. They're amazing. They're comfortable. Okay, that's three reasons. I bet you've got about a bazillion more.

This linen one has another reason -- it's only $17. Yup. For the price of lunch, you can look like you lunch at the country club.

And it's so comfortable. It has a smocked back so the fit is smooth without being constricting (ie ideal brunch attire) and the square neckline gives it a modern feel.

To make the most of this look, make sure you iron or steam it, and have it properly fitted. The bodice is a bit of a no brainer with the stretch, but the length should hit you Just There. Invest in some hem tape from amazon to make sure you look the jazillion bucks you're worth.

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