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Nautical is not just navy and white

Yellow is hands down, my absolute favorite color!

It's fresh, happy, positive, energetic, optimistic, sunny, loyal and joyful. It's the veritable puppy of colors.

There's a common misperception that yellow is hard to wear though. Perhaps that's because of all the colors, people forget the amazing rainbow of yellows out there.

Just like your joy, it's all about finding Your Yellow.

From cool pale lemon ice to a warm oily buttercup to a blazing mustard, a yellow exists for everyone. (Hmm, all food metaphors there, is it lunch time?)

This yellow floral from JCrew is over some sweet white Lands End wide-legs that I found in Sears of all places, for just $11.

KBEditor: A.B.S. Always be shopping. You never know where your next look is coming from, so keep those style antenna tuned to find what resonates with you.

Florals are so versatile because you can wear them with a suit to soften the look or over jeans to embrace your inner bohemian. This pattern in particular resonates with me because it's not a super soft, girly floral. There's something womanly and edgy about it. Polite, but with boundaries.

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