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Cool, crisp cookout style, Uncle Sam (Auntie Samantha?!) style.

This tiered halter A New Day dress from Target was supposed to be my go-to for the New Orleans Jazz Fest this year. My stay-at-home Fest-In-Place attire was decidedly more elastic-waistband bases.

The versatility of this bright white beauty is it can easily be repurposed for our social-distanced Independence Day festivities.

Have I mentioned that the summers in Austin are HOT? Like walking through boiled flannel hot? When we were stationed here, we basically resigned ourselves to being in a constant state of sweat.

This dress is a summer great for so many reasons -- the cute halter and swishy tiers let you feel the breeze where you need it to stay cool. And the swing style means waistband-less comfort for consuming BBQ and Claw!

On top of the dress, I've got the Everyday Cashmere Cardigan from JCrew -- a pop of color and perfect for when you leave the hot sun for the chill of the AC.

A note on a pop of color my KBEditors, did you know red bras disappear under white tees? Better than white, black, and nude!

My latest footwear acquisition, these creamy linen Soludos espadrille wedges from amazon literally go with anything in my summer closet. And they are comfortable!

If you have not worn Soludos before, get thee a pair post-haste. They are sunshine for your feet and guarantee to bring out your happy.

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